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Makhadzi apologises for revealing her dark thighs at a show



Makhadzi apologises to South Africans over a photo revealing her dark inner thighs.

A photo of the performer went viral on social media, and people have poked fun at her thighs.

On Sunday, she penned down an apology note.

“I would like to apologise to all my fans if only if you really disappointed about this pictures .. they were lot of beautiful pictures that a cameraman was gonna post , but he choose to post this to promote his brand but forgetting the damage he is doing to my soul .. I know I am strong and all this will pass … Unfortunately I cannot change my inner part .. I am like this and I am proud,” she said.
“The only thing that you people are doing is to try to edit my pictures nikhonanisa mafhungo .. yes I am strong but my family and friends they are not strong as I am .. seeing them crying about edited pictures really break me and affect my me badly,” the entertainer added.
Makhadzi further urged people to stop humiliating her with the photos.
“I would like to ask everyone who react with this picture and edited pictures that you are planting something that can affect me badly … I humble my self politely to ask everyone to stop humilating me .. I don’t have energy to block you I love you all.”


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