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Names Of Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 (BBM Mzansi) Housemates/Contestants 2022


The third season of Big Brother Mzansi premiered on Sunday night after a six-year break, with 18 new contestants.

The two-hour premiere, which featured the introduction of the housemates, also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the worldwide format’s debut in Africa.

The international sensation, dubbed Big Brother Africa, premiered on May 3, 2003, with Mark Pilgrim as host.

Lawrence Maleka, star of The River, will host this year’s BBM Mzansi season.

Below Are our Full List Of Big Brother South Africa 2022 Contestants (Their Names, Pictures, Brief Biography & Age)


30-year-old Thando Mati with the moniker, Acacia is a model that is focused on her family. She describes herself as a risk-taker, a free spirit, and a fun person. Thando hails from Soweto.

She’s a gourmet who wants to create a restaurant that solely serves foods she enjoys. That’s because food encapsulates what she values the most: community and togetherness.

She likes visiting galleries and attending festivals, but she also prefers being at home. “I adore television, and I’m unhappy I won’t be able to watch The Wife while I’m in the House.” She feels she is an excellent listener, which is why so many people come to her for advice. “I’m a bit of a rogue.”

“At the end of the day, we are an amalgamation of many backgrounds,” she says, and she believes that her presence in the House will make her relatable. Her go-to method


Luthando Mthembu, 31, is a Johannesburg and Durban native. He is presently following his passion of becoming a musician after working as a research analyst.

He values honesty above everything else, is full of love and enthusiasm, and is a vegan. He is self-disciplined, determined, and one of the rare individuals who likes being lost when traveling.

After a recommendation from a friend, he chose to attend Big Brother Mzansi.

He’ll like the Big Brother Mzansi House since he enjoys meeting new people as long as they clean up after themselves. He doesn’t think that adding a layer of falsehood to his character would help him win, so he’ll simply be himself and let that do the talking for him.


Rethabile is a 29-year-old fashionista and effervescent businesswoman. She defines herself as brave, ambitious, and passionate — she is “loud and proud” and believes that when she is there, she can change people’s emotions and elevate their spirits.

She adores mingling and grooving. She believes she’s always changing and learning and shoots directly from the hip.

She remains active by playing hockey in addition to partying. She claims she’ll bring “drama” to the House.

“A tense drama.” She will not, however, “cook up drama.” “Don’t walk on my toes, and I won’t step on yours,” she says.

Her plan in the House is to research all of the Housemates before aligning herself with the proper individuals. She’ll be sweet and polite until she’s the last one standing.


Gershwin identifies himself as a “normal man” who has a wide range of interests and skills. He describes himself as “extremely artistic.”

“I can think beyond the box because I’m creative.” He likes offering guidance and inspiration to others since he is deeply spiritual. “I’m going to be myself and attempt to inspire people to pursue their ambitions.

“His sole purpose for attending Big Brother Mzansi is the money, which he intends to use to support a few business ventures. “It’s a place where I can learn and grow.” “There will be a lot of noise,” he warns his Housemates.

I’m someone who likes to talk a lot. “I’ll be flirting with the females.”

Gershwin is also a fashion designer and businessman outside of the BBM House.


32-year-old Libo who hails from Johannesburg via King William’s Town believes himself to be a “really enjoyable” person who is described as a bit of a goofy by his pals.

He appreciates being active and plays a lot of tennis as someone who enjoys the outdoors. He also makes it clear that he like large dogs.

Libo says he entered Big Brother Mzansi because he wanted to get out of his comfort zone. “I reside beneath a large rock.” I’ve spent much of my life being cautious.

“It’s time for me to pursue my ambitions.” He promises that his Housemates will have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. “I’m a storyteller, and I’ve got a lot of them!”

Mpho Wabadimo

Michelle Mvundla, a sangoma from Daveyton, is 27 years old. She has a gentle, laid-back vibe and defines herself as sociable and caring, yet with “zero tolerance for crap.”

She is a loving mother as well as a spiritual being whose passion and vocation is to cure others. She is a nurturer who enjoys cheering others up when they aren’t feeling well.

Big Brother is a fictional character created by a She’d longed to be a part of Mzansi since she was a teenager, and she wasn’t going to let this chance pass her by.

She enjoys getting tattoos, shopping, and cooking, and she feels that food unites people. She feels she will leave an indelible mark on the souls, spirits, and emotions of her Housemates. She possesses a spiritual gift.


Mvelo is a 28-year-old South African who grew up in Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg. He has worked in media, marketing, and communications and is a marketing graduate with a bright personality.

He defines himself as outgoing, lovable, and a people lover. He is passionate about education, and one of his ambitions is to assist others in gaining admission to higher education.

Behind his contagious humor, the effervescent and open Housemate reveals a deeper, more nuanced side.

Many people advised him to participate, and he did so to appease them, but it wasn’t until things got underway that he realized this was a fantastic chance for him to make a difference.


Naledi is a Pretoria-based 24-year-old. She characterizes herself as a “fine gyal, not a sad gyal,” a well-traveled model.

She’s fiery, yet she’s also cool and collected. Her strength is her ability to comprehend and analyze people, which she uses to disarm them.

Naledi claims that while she may not be everyone’s cup of tea at first, she develops on people and “ages nicely with time.”

She’s ecstatic that she can make R2 million by kiki-ing with a few strangers rather than doing it for free in the real world. She is a huge flirt and enjoys reading, drawing, and daydreaming.


This athletic 24-year-old defines himself as a family man who values his mother and siblings above everything else.

Because he’s traveled around a lot, Norman describes himself as a calm and kind guy with an adaptive disposition.

He takes satisfaction in being a people person who listens well.

He falls in love quickly and admits to being a hopeless romantic. He likes listening to others and assisting them. He despises bullies and will constantly defend those who are being bullied.

With his mother, Nkuli manages a non-profit organization and a daycare. He wants to show people what they care about but don’t talk about.


Keamogetswe Motlhale is a 24-year-old marketing communications graduate who hails from Mahikeng, North West.

The easy-going is fun and free-spirited. Keamogets We like learning about individuals and claims to be nonjudgmental when it comes to their personalities.

When someone gets on her bad side, she is a sharpshooter and a plain talker who has no interest in keeping her anger to herself. Despite the fact that she has been labeled as “tight” by many who know her, she defines herself as a tomboy and claims she is compassionate.

She says her Housemates should anticipate “a straight talker; a no-nonsense person,” but that she’s also incredibly nice and willing to listen. “In the best and worst ways,” she adds, she is a real human being.

Sis Tamara

Ukho Samela aka Sis Tamara is a 25-year-old film student who hails from Johannesburg via Queenstown.

Ukho is a multifaceted individual with a wide range of interests. He studied psychology and is currently a final year film and television student.

Ukho is known as Sis Tamara and describes themselves as “a gender non-conforming experience”. A bubbly person who gels easily with people, they are passionate about trans and queer representation.

Ukho is enthusiastic about diversity and sees their attendance on the show as a chance to raise awareness about the diversity of identities.

They’re a high-energy overachiever who doesn’t have a plan to win Big Brother Mzansi other than to hope that everyone would love them.


Gugu Bonga aka Terry Treasure is a 26-year-old Makeup artist, an adult content creator from Johannesburg.

Gugu, who describes herself as a “class clown,” says she has a large personality and advocates for inclusion and non-judgment.

She is adamantly honest, nearly to the point of being self-destructive, and she despises phonies. “Expect positive vibes and a nice time since I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

But they can’t expect me to be a pushover — I’m not the sort to be disrespected.” She does, however, admit to being a cry-baby. “I’m a gentle thug,” she says.

“Now that I’m here, I want to help my mother with the family,” she adds, adding that she didn’t expect to be chosen for Big Brother Mzansi.

She claims to have a variety of techniques for getting ahead in the House, but she won’t know which ones to utilize until she’s inside.

She likes getting tattoos, dancing, and “going out for chilled vibes”.


Thato is the eldest of four children and a TikToker who enjoys dabbling in many things to keep her adventurous spirit unboxed.

It requires a flexible mentality to juggle being an accountant and a TikTok content maker. She manages to accomplish everything with ease.

And, while her outspokenness might get her in trouble, it’s the same quality that allows her to be sincere with people she interacts with. On the other hand, they must accept that she will be rude from time to time.

Thato, a 28-year-old cheerful Jill-of-many-trades who has been pursuing a big break in the entertainment world for 13 years, sees her admittance to Biggie’s House as a dream come true. Not one to squander a great chance, Thato aims to stand out in every manner imaginable, from day one.


Themba will be relying on more than just his dashing looks to captivate the hearts of Big Brother Mzansi S3 viewers. A looker with a personality that makes him a magnet for curiosity, Themba will be relying on more than just his dashing appearance to charm the hearts of Big Brother Mzansi S3 viewers.

While the 30-year-old tattoo artist is used to being the center of attention, frequently catching the spirit of every place he enters, it’s his ability to sit back and analyze the situation that allows him to move smoothly across social groups.

His artistic side, which he expresses via sketching, tattooing, and singing, will almost certainly add to his appeal. His strategy for winning Big Brother Mzansi is straightforward.


Tulani is a smooth-talking straight shooter with the unusual ability to be blatantly honest in a soft tone.

Despite his stern demeanor, the 28-year-old voice-over artist, actor, and broadcaster exudes sympathy. In his birthplace of East London, he founded a non-profit organization for aspiring young artists.

It’s a far cry from his glory days on the radio. He is still unmarried as a result of his “poor behavior” there.

Tulani enjoys going out with his friends, cooking, and spending time with his family.

He hopes to win Big Brother Mzansi by remaining calm and zen, citing his humor as his finest quality.


Thobeka’s multi-faceted personality will keep you guessing. The Durbanite is the epitome of creativity, expressing layers of her skill through music, rhythms, and playing with the piano keys.

The 25-year-old aspiring artist, also known as ‘Venus,’ has a multi-layered personality that makes it easy for her to work the room and endear herself all the way to the top.

Her love of poetry also helps, since it means she understands how to engage people with poetic justice in buckets.


30-year-old Yolanda is a lively, extroverted person. She’s a little bit of a socialite with a contagious enthusiasm that makes her enjoyable to be around.

The performing arts instructor and psychology student, on the other hand, is not a people-pleaser, preferring to have her books open at all times.

She’s also a good judge of character, which makes her a fun person to talk to.

Representing the large girl community is an important part of her goal.

She’s fascinated by the human mind, which explains her fondness for lighthearted conversation laced with candor.


Adindu Asuzu aka Zino is a 21-year-old Digital marketing student from Johannesburg.

Adindu, the season’s youngest Housemate, is a self-described “mummy’s boy,” and it was on her suggestion that he entered the game in the first place.

He describes himself as “very gregarious and curious,” and claims that he isn’t the one who creates drama, but rather the one who stops it, and that he won’t be taken advantage of.

In terms of what his fellow Housemates should anticipate from him, he believes he is someone with whom they can easily converse since he is not arrogant. “My mother thinks I have a sensitive heart,” he adds, before adding that he is “kind, kind, and enthusiastic.”

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